1 Kings 15:25-34
1 Kings 16
2 Chronicles 17

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It’s all about the heart, over and over. When Solomon in Proverbs 4 says ‘guard your heart’ GOD IS NOT kidding. Kingdoms, nations, the rule of everything has EVERYTHING to do with the leader’s heart. What are the thoughts and emotions currently in my heart? A healthy tree has good fruit likewise a healthy heart produces good fruit. In light of Matthew 15:19 and James 1:14 ‘BLESS YOUR HEART’ sounds good, but not everything in it is trustworthy. Throw out the trash, rebuke any vain imaginations, and heave overboard anything that is a future shipwreck, adultery, lying, slander, envy, worthless idols, futile thoughts for example engaging in internal arguments with people, replaying conflicts and rehashing drama. HOW? It’s as simple as talking to JESUS, take it to the LORD IN PRAYER. HE can subdue our most ingrained vain imaginations. HE will supply the grace needed, all you need to do is ask.

PRAYER: GOD I GIVE YOU MY HEART. And I pray I do the same tomorrow. You are a Master Gardener and nothing I face is too difficult for you.

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