Read 1 Kings 13-14, 2 Chronicles 11-12

From Zan: It’s really heavy to read about how the kings failed to follow God and intern failed their people that they were put to lead. I think as we read through these chapters it’s so important to remember that the word of God is true and his commands are important. We can’t play around with faulty faith and a half hearted commitment to God. We see so much of the justice of God in these chapters but also his grace amidst the many punishments laid out. When God saw that Shiskak was humble and repentant he showed his amazing grace to them ❤️

From Char: There are so many lessons in these different passages. Some of the things that stand out.
We cannot exchange truth God given—for a lie or a substitute —it could be very costly for us— similar to the man of God who was mauled by the lion. (Romans 1)
When you already know the word of God be faithful to do it.
All of this was set up so that Jeroboam would change his evil ways.
And he didn’t! 😳😨Even after his arm and hand are wounded and then restored.

God had promised Jeroboam a kingdom as extensive as David if he would only search his heart turn and seek the Lord. No humble pie.
And it says he had no love for God‘s law.
And when the kingdom is torn into 2 Rehoboam (who is Solomon’s son) had no heart to seek the Lord.
BUT he did have humility which preserved his kingdom and his sons.
I don’t want to just humble myself in the face of God’s judgment, I would rather have a heart that seeks the Lord.

Also we are tested by praise —Proverbs 27:21 The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but people are tested by their praise.

And it strikes me that Judah was tested by their strength and when they were established they left the ways of the Lord.
God hold onto us, and I pray everyone in our study is able to hold onto you when we are in the valley or on the mountain. Highs and lows you are my God.
Your ways are good, can we love you more? Help us to come closer.

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