Read Psalm 111-118


Today we are really blessed to be meditating on these Psalms. Each one is a Psalm of tremendous praise. There are events in our lives that demand praise to GOD. Praise is for our public life, and our private life. Do not be deficient in either one of these areas of praise. It’s like when you work out you don’t just work out your left arm EH? You workout your right arm as well because you’re seeking strength and balance your whole upper body. Public praise is the submission of humble adoration, and private praise is one of deep friendship and reverent love.

Praise meditates on what God has done and asks where did he perform this work? Meditation on the greatness of God asks was it a healing or was it creative power, was it deliverance? The people who praise God are fascinated by how he has worked throughout all time.

In Psalm 112 we understand the author, David wrote this to Solomon. Fascinating is the inscription in the Syriac version, a dialect of Aramaic which reads: ‘when David commanded his son Solomon saying keep the commandments of God and worship him.’ This would be perfect prayer model for you to pray for your children. If you don’t have children perhaps you have nieces or nephews or maybe you’re a teacher that should be a wonderful song to pray for the students in your classes. Take it line by line and pray this for the next generation.

Psalms 113 to 118 are the ‘hallel’ Psalms. Fascinating again is that Jesus most likely SINGING these after/during the Lord’s supper in the upper room. Yahweh through his SON is about to deal the final blow to the serpent of deception, and when he does all authority and dominion are rightfully HIS to raise those in poverty out of the dust and those in captivity are purchased back by the precious blood of Christ.

Bought back for what? The Psalmist answers, ‘that he may seat him with princes’ (Psalm 113:7-9). What a prophetic promise! We hear it in the New Testament according to Ephesians 2:5-6.

Motherhood is a symbol of this greatness. The honor of having sons and daughters is a pinnacle blessing. Your babies are your diamonds; they are your riches! Psalms 113 was historically recited by women who had been barren and we’re able to have a child. Hannah‘s praise is the exact same wording in 1 Samuel 2:8. In this Psalm AND in the life of Hannah GOD makes these barren women mothers of children— in the plural as in —there will be more babies. 👶🏼👶🏼 Psalms 113 is a beautifully written praise for women and yet it is sung by Christ prior to his crucifixion. Don’t miss this, HE the promised seed of the woman, the one who will crush the serpent’s head is singing Psalm 113. Don’t rush over this, meditate on the glory of God to keep his promise to EVE, the mother of all living. Generations later the promised child is born and this child of Mary is a now a man, the SON OF GOD and SON OF MAN, at 33 years he has his last meal. He is strengthened and resolved to redeem what EVE and ADAM had done and HIS voice is singing in the evening air. WOW WOW WOW!

Where she resides is an important detail. SHE resides at home, in a house blessed with babies.

Eve the mother of all living was given her name by Adam prior to the fall. This gift of motherhood is pure from the beginning. Oh sweet mamas I am praying for you. Have courage and don’t give into the lie that some significance is found elsewhere, enjoy your babies don’t miss the blessing of being at home with them. They are one of the things you CAN take into eternity. Raise them well.

In motherhood no matter what you face, Psalms 118:6 and Romans 8:31 are immovable truths to hold on to! THE LORD IS ON YOUR SIDE! GOD IS FOR YOU! This is your gentle reminder to keep choosing faith and promise over fear and panic.

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