Read 1 Samuel 28-31, 1 Chronicles 10

It is so important not to consult psychics, tarot cards, Ouija boards, crystals, or witchcraft of any kind! Consider 1 Chronicles 10:13-14! There is much deception nowadays even in trying to determine your future through some ungodly conjuring or horoscope. The stars aligned to tell of THE MESSIAH’S birth-there is only one worthy of this display—and this is king Jesus was announced by a star over Bethlehem! All other forms are useless, we must not pervert the right ways of hearing God! His word (John1), His spirit poured out to give visions and dreams (Joel 2), or through godly men and women who prophesy (Samuel was an example). In Acts there were some girls who prophesied Paul’s imprisonment, also a famine was prophesied to prompt and prepare an offering for God‘s people.

Have you ever had a prophetic word come to pass?

If you’ve had anything to do with any of the occult items please ask Jesus through his blood to sever all of the activity and to cleanse you. If you need further prayer, let me know!!

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