Read Psalm 56, 120, 140-142

The Psalms are such a refuge for the soul. Maskil means contemplation in the Hebrew. David instructs us to contemplate his words. Words he spoke and also wrote down. Psalm 142 is vocal in every way, David with his voice is crying aloud, echoing his prayers throughout the cave for MERCY. It was most likely the cave of Adullam. Psalm 142 ends with ‘the righteous will gather about me because of your goodness to me.’ AND THEY DO!

We too can voice our prayers and pour out our complaint before GOD. Tell him our trouble. HE is our refuge and watches over our way as well.

What do you need to say to God? Hold nothing back!

Psalm 142 was a turning point and soon God sent David his brothers and all his father’s house to end his isolation. God heard the cry of the future King of Israel. 1 Sam. 22:1 He will hear us too!


  1. God I need: _______________________ (tell HIM in full). Try ending your prayer with a statement of faith or a glimmer of hope. What will it look like in your life when God answers your prayer?

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