Read 1 Samuel 13-16

‘There is still the youngest’ Jesse answered. ‘He is tending the sheep.’ 1 Sam 16:11

Today marks our introduction to David, a man after God’s own heart . David overlooked in the beginning will climb to the heights of the KINGDOM. He is glowing with health, fine looking and speaks well. THE LORD SAYS, THIS IS THE ONE.

Psalm 23 probably the most famous Psalm, written by David, opens with ‘THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD’. Shepherd is RA’AH in the Hebrew, which has two meanings–shepherd and then the second meaning is ‘to like, to be fond of, to associate was with a friend.’ THE LORD MY SHEPHERD is my friend. Samuel anoints David as the next KING OF ISRAEL.

David feels the oil dripping from his hair and the SPIRIT OF GOD comes on him powerfully, and yet it will be 15 years before he is KING. After Samuel anoints David he is recommended to play the LYRE for Saul in order to bring relief from evil spirit. It is 15 years of not identifying with the hate, and murderous threats of Saul, but HOLDING on to the words he so often prays, (Psalm 52:8) ‘I TRUST IN GOD’S UNFAILING LOVE FORE EVER AND EVER’... GOD IS THE GLORY OF ISRAEL and HE WON’T CHANGE HIS MIND ABOUT David though the process will test him.

The word God is frequently tried and it both refines and develops character in us. Psalm 105:19 is true for Joseph, David, and ALL Y’ALL.

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