Read Numbers 33-36

We read the final four chapters focusing on the stages of the Israelites time in the wilderness, the land distribution and inheritance for women. The rights of women of children were a rare gift in the history of the world. An interesting read is the following:

A Religion of “Women and Children”?
A Christian Woman’s Place in the Greco-Roman World Before AD 300
William B. Bowes

Christianity and Jewish tradition have held a higher value for women. This value is uncommon and countercultural compared to the ancient world. One of the early critics of Christianity called it a religion of women and children, due to the inclusive nature and equality rare in the Roman world. Rarer still is the standard of value we see even in Job and Numbers right smack in the history of the ancient world really.

Job after a direct meeting with God will treat his daughters with uncommon favor and equality. Job 42:15

Jesus upon rising from the dead, will deliver the news directly to the women.

Numbers ends well with noble women who honor their father’s name and their tribe. They will marry whom they wish within the instructions given to them from God.

The church has always been blessed and furthered by women of virtue from Deborah to Esther, or in the New Testament Lydia, Phoebe, and Junia the list of women used for God’s glory and kindgom is inspiring. The bible drips with redeeming themes for women and children.

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