Read Numbers 3-5

““Bring the tribe of Levi and present them to Aaron the priest to assist him.”
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭3‬:‭6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Sometimes we need assistance! I pray each of you have the teams of assistance you need for the work God has called you to!

Are you a mother or father? May the Lord send you and your children teachers, friendships, community to you for your season of mothering.

Are you in some work of the ministry? May the Lord send you a team, to help, to share your burdens for prayer and give you strength and friendship as you go!

Are you serving God at your work? May the team around make your work fruitful and a source of great delight to you as you improve and guide your workplace into the next chapter.

Mercy is given new each morning to appear before and approach God (sounds like heaven on earth) Lord we come boldly!
The Lord will come quickly and not be slow. 🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇

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