Read Leviticus 11-14

God can make clean the unclean!
We will see this in Jesus when even though in Lev. 20 the law says a woman and man caught in adultery must put to death.

However Jesus throws no stones. In Luke an ‘unknown’ sinful woman is the first to show her love for Jesus through anointing him.

Luke 7:47
‘Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”

And then I just think about how the woman caught in adultery is forgiven—everyone drops their rocks and walks away, none will stone her.
God’s love for a moment is measured tangibly, visible rocks litter the ground and she is forgiven.

JESUS IS OUR HIGH PRIEST, pronouncing us clean. I was discussing this with a good friend about how the walk to the temple every single time you lost it, would be a walk of honesty, a walk of open confession. The original walk of shame so to speak. Today it is with the communion cup. In all honesty we need this meal. AMEN! And because we ALL need this meal, there is no shame in being IN HIGH NEED of forgiveness. The only shame would be to not come and take what God so willingly offers us.

Romans 10:4 Christ is the culmination of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes.

Additional insight comes from reading Leviticus 11. It gives you the understanding/context of why it was so significant when the Holy Spirit via a vision came to Peter and told him to kill and eat every unclean thing and to not call anything unclean that God has made clean. What a radical about-face for Peter. (Acts 10:13)

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