Read Exodus 25-28

What stands out to you today?

For me, it was in Exodus 28:29- 30 God was giving help for decisions! Hahah and it was called the breast piece of decision. When we are making decisions that impact God’s people they must be brought to the Lord and prayed through. No on the fly going with my gut mood swing decisions allowed. If you are feeling down, you are less likely to make a good call. Rest up, instructions came to Moses when he was resting!

Moses is up on the mountain, spending 40 days with the Lord.

It’s from rest the royal priesthood is fully launched, 🙂 when you read the description of the new Jerusalem in Revelation 21:19.
You will see the stones are the now the foundation of the city—the goal was and has always been for God’s people to be royal priests like it says in 1 Peter 2:9. In this new Jerusalem all has been restored! God and his priests are one!
The Lord Almighty and the Lamb 🐑 are its temple. Revelation 21:22
And in the end we will all be shining, royal, thanks to Jesus!
Our way to this city is only through the door Jesus, the perfect high priest the one who is and was, it is to come!
Jesus can help you with your decisions today!

The link is some good info from the BIBLE PROJECT!

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