Read Job 29-32

MEET 🙂 ELIHU, his name means ‘HE IS GOD HIMSELF’. He is the son of Barachel which means ‘ THE SON OF THE BLESSED GOD’.

He is full of anger because Job justifies himself before God. Job 32:2

ELIHU is the only comforter of Job who God does not rebuke later in the conclusion of the book.

ELIHU speaks full of the Spirit (Job 32:18, 36:1-2, 36:3-4). We know this is true by comparing the words of ELIHU and GOD. Check it out in Job 34:17 and Job 40:8. AND then again in Job 34:35 and Job 35:16. Seriously this is cool.

He is younger and in true wisdom listens before he speaks. He addresses only the words of Job. And he never suggests the suffering of Job is because of unconfessed sin.

I love the language he uses, ‘Behold, my belly is like unvented wine, like new wineskins it is about to burst.’ (v19)

ELIHU prepares JOB to meet with God.

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