GIRLS have you ever fallen asleep in an unusual place? I have a time or two. When I had just started school I would be super tired come evening. I have a talent for going to sleep just about anywhere. When I was about 5, a milking barn was my favorite place. Our paper towels back then came in large boxes. Large warm cardboard boxes with rolls of sleeping padding (paper towels) all cozy inside called out to me. I would climb up to the shelf where they were stored and snuggle in. I really gave my parents a scare when they couldn’t find me. Have your parents ever not been able to find you?

Cuddle in, grab your nearest blanket and let me tell you a story or two about what not to do with horses. First off I hear you all love horses but only own cows and they are super nice cows too. And just so you know when we couldn’t ride a horse we would practice on our favorite cow Dolly because she was so gentle on the farm with my dad. This could be why I was so clumsy when I was on horseback. Riding a slow moving cow is a whole lot different to a spirited horse.

When riding a horse DO NOT try trading places with your cousin especially if the horse is moving on the trail. I did this and smack, hit the ground and broke my arm for the first time.

When riding a horse DO NOT let your brother JAY (or sister in your case) talk you into trying things you’ve seen on TV. There is a reason they say DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Well Jay and I would often play with the horses without much supervision. And having grown up around horses I felt pretty comfortable so when Jay wanted to try some horse tricks I was up for it.
Jay had this beautiful dark horse named Blacky and wanted me to lead him while Jay focused on carrying a long white pipe. I think we were practicing some sort of trick. The pipe was super long and as Jay moved the pipe in a bit of a swoop the horse spooked. I lost the reins and was standing IN THE DIRECT LINE IN FRONT of Blacky. Now when he jerked his head I fell backward flat, body flung down like a corpse. THE NEXT thing I knew the horse stepped right on my chest. It should have injured me really bad but all I had was an indentation of a horse shoe like a stamp for a short while and a wild story of being stepped on/trampled by a horse and LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT.

When riding a horse DO NOT take your young daughter out to check on the cows and new calves. My mom made this mistake and she took me out to pasture with her. I was riding the same horse with her when she dismounted to take a closer look at the newborn calf. My mom had brought Patches the little Terrier trailing along. I was sitting in the saddle perched out of trouble when the new mama cow charged at my mama. The dog ran in between my mom and the charging cow to protect mom and then darted under the horse I was sitting on. And GUESS WHAT THE ANGRY MAMA cow chased mom, and then the dog, and then the horse. The horse took off bucking and bucked me UP UP UP into the air and then down down down I fell onto the back of the horse, it’s rump to be exact breaking my fall and then down like a rag doll to the ground. This time I was in bed with a concussion for about a week. Thank the GOOD LORD I was ok, but I’ll never forget flying though the air off that bucking horse.

WHEN riding a horse do practice some common sense. Learn to communicate with the horse and understand them. When you have a good one you can like Jay and I play western movies and ride bareback through the tall grass jumping off and hooting with joy.

You can also do trail rides through the mountains and camp with your horses.

You can experience the thrill of a full gallop and feel the ground move fast beneath the horses feet.

You can take your horse to hunt Christmas trees in the snow and if she or he is well trained they will haul it home for you.

And horses are just a dangerous as three wheelers because Jay ran me over with one of those too. LOL AND STILL the GOOD LORD made sure I was ok. My dad used to say I was an accident looking for a place to happen but I wonder if I was just Jay’s sister. AND after many trips to the ER I would say Dad wasn’t wrong.


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