Mosley and Prudence it’s about time to settle down and get your best pillow and drift off, and before you do let me tell you about Washington. Great Grandma Phyllis lives there and she has the same house as when your dad Ryan and I were little. We made a ton of memories there. At bedtime Grandma would always tuck us in with a story of when she was little. I’ll try and do the same.

In Washington there is an eastside and a westside divided by the Cascade mountains. Mount Rainer is a huge mountain. Have you ever been to the visitor’s center there?

On the westside of the mountains it’s wet. The trade off WESTSIDE has no rattlesnakes and no ticks but lots of rain. Rattlesnakes and ticks I respect from a distance because snake bites and tick bites are NO FUN AT ALL. East of the mountains there are some adventures to be had and another bedtime I’ll get to those. Because it’s bedtime I’m thinking about when I was your age. We used to ride bikes Jay and I (my older brother). Do you like bike riding? Well I like it pretty much unless it’s downhill and then I like it a lot more! We had been riding down this perfect hill over an over the day before my birthday. WHAT A DAY! We had to get back up the hill for more thrills and I would have to push my bike back up so that part was less fun. But another great day was about to happen or so I thought.

When night came I was exhausted. I slipped off my white keds and left them outside because they were too dirty to bring in the house. Shoes off is a favorite of mine in the summer. Well that night it rained. So the next morning I set out to explore and have some fun on my birthday. I saw my shoes were damp however somewhat wet shoes are better than cold wet ground so I slipped my feet in those white keds in a hurry without looking AND THEN all I could feel was slime. SLIME in my shoes! Who would do such a thing? Could it be Jay? Nope he wouldn’t dare, not on my birthday. He did put firecrackers in your dad’s boot though. This slime squished and moved. I pulled my foot out of that shoe so fast!! It was full of a bunch of slugs. Not just one slug in my shoe but a whole gang of them had moved in overnight while I slept. Waiting quietly to SURPRISE me on my birthday.

I quickly looked for the salt. I wasn’t happy at all. I thought to myself this is not right and on my birthday! HOW WRONG.

Another time on the westside I was walking with my Aunt Diana, your grandma. I had been playing hard near the raspberry patch and walked over to Great Gramma Gladys’s house (so that would be your great great grandma) for frozen blueberries with mocha mix (it’s a non dairy cream because I was allergic to milk) and sugar on top. When it was time to head home we walked back across the field barefoot WHEN TO MY SHOCK a common garden snake was hiding in the tall grass WHEN I STEPPED ON HIM. What do you think happened next? SURPRISE! HE tried the impossible and slithered up and around my ankle! I shrieked and kicked and jumped so high I landed in my Aunt’s arms. The snake went air born and began his short flight without the chance to bite me. HALLELUJAH! That time I won.

Have you ever caught slugs or garden snakes? Sleep well like cozy slugs in a shoe being quiet for my birthday. Love Char

By the way Mos and Pru (CharChar is what my dad called me).

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