Dear Twenty Something, Ashley Peterson

Dear Twenty Something…

It’s hard to convey a message about one of the single most important aspects of my walk with the Lord because, every day, I am learning these truths as they leave my lips.


Noun, the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for God.

Verb, to reverence and adoration to God.

There is a weight in your worship…

For the highs and lows

And the moments between

Mountains and valleys

Rivers and streams,

For “I’ve always known”

And “I told you,”

For ‘nothing is happening’

And ‘all has gone wrong’

It is here on the journey

She will learn to be strong

She will get where she is going

Landing where she belongs.

Let worship center you.

May you find

your belonging in

this closeness,

this space

you and me.

We really were meant to live this close. Where the veil is torn, where the space wears thin, where heaven seems to dance and crash into the earth.

Allow yourself to unravel completely in your worship. Because in Him we don’t have to have it all together. And worship sometimes looks like being undone.

May worship be your safe haven. May you know that truly the safest place to be is fully seen, and fully known.

May you find your center in worship.

In worship, I hope you see, and know, and learn, and become a lot of things. But above everything, worship through all your seasons. Because there will be a lot of them.

He’s worthy of your highest praise,

and your most vulnerable of moments.

And you are worthy of Him.


Ashley Peterson

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