Warmest wishes, unto us a King is born

Hola. Bonjour. Hei. Halò. Zdravstvuyte. Alo. Aloha. Kon’nichiwa. HELLO.

Merry Christmas friends and family,

Last Christmas we had no idea the Exodus from Ellensburg would happen.   Well, we did it July 1st was our transition month.  We would by August call Sandpoint, Idaho home.  Home to Idaho’s largest lake, Lake Pend Oreille, and surrounded by three major mountain ranges. All a welcome home to our outdoor loving family.  It is home to Schweitzer Mountain Resort, (insert hollers and whoops of joy) Idaho’s largest ski resort.  Our new place wasn’t ready until August 1st so we explored the ski resorts and beautiful mountains of British Columbia and upward into Alberta taking in the aqua blue lakes near Banff, Lake Louise and Lake Moraine.  It was a great transitional opportunity for our family to bond and rest and prepare for the work of starting over in a new area.  Jared has launched Alpine Hand Therapy and is building a reputation for excellence in a new region.

Justus Abel is 24 and maintains our connection to CWU as he is enrolled and enjoying his studies with a focus on Psychology.  He continues to be featured in Snowboarder Magazine and is taking on a new project this year.  It’s all hush hush until we can announce all the details. He and Chandler have been dating and both came home for Thanksgiving.

Jonah is 18 and a Senior at Sandpoint High School.  FULL STOP.  This just seems weird to say when 1/2 of your children aren’t children.  They are adults!  He is beyond thrilled at living on a lake and near a mountain.  He continues to make us proud and we look forward to celebrating his graduation in June.

Obediah is 16 and acquired his license just before we pulled out of Washington.  His wit and thoughtfulness are staples in the home.  He is making friends and adjusting quite well for a shift in high schools mid stream.

Jacy is 15 and had a fantastic year playing for the Sandpoint JV soccer team.  She has made some great friends and is thrilled about the Idaho state law which allows her to be the youngest driver in the family at age 15. 

And I, Charity am thinking of you all and hoping for a visit in person, over the phone, via FT, or by text! Wishing to see you soon and Happy NEW YEAR!


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