Dear Twenty-Something, Laura Schilling

What would I tell my 20 something self?

First of all, you are amazing. Don’t try to be like every other girl. God created you with your own special gifts, identify them and use them well.

Don’t ever, I repeat don’t ever compare yourself to others. Your legs are not fat, they are strong and can take you on many fun adventures. Don’t pine over the lithe thin body of a certain friend. Rejoice in the fact that you have your own wonderful body.

Treat your body with much respect. You are God’s princess. Don’t sleep with just any one, each time you do this you are giving away something sacred that was meant for your husband. It can really mess with your mind.

Don’t put poisons in your body. With your families history of alcoholism, just plain don’t drink ever. Trust me it will save you a lot of pain. You can find friends that don’t drink. Believe it or not there is a lot of fun to be found not drinking.

Most importantly don’t be embarrassed of your faith. There will be many times that God will carry you though tough times. Lean into Him, trust Him and thank Him. His ways are not always easy but I promise they are always good. Always find ways to help others, even if it’s just letting them go in line in front of you. Smile a lot and find something good about each person you come into contact with.

Find an older woman of faith who exemplifies Christ and hang out with her, ask questions, pray, pray more, laugh and cry with her. You don’t have to navigate the difficulties on your own. It’s okay to lean on others and ask for help. For every negative thought you have, reframe it with a positive twist. You will be amazed how God will take your most horrific acts and use them for His kingdom.

Keep going, you are not alone, amazing people will come into your life and the Holy Spirit will mess you up (in a good way) never to be the same. Peace. Good things to come.

Laura Schilling

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