From January, 2019


2019 mood is ____________. Throw some suggestions at me.  We are 16 days in what is the general mood so far?  What is the tone on campus? Daniel Goleman author of Emotional Intelligence suggests that leaders transmit their mood to those around them.  You are all leaders here tonight.  Whether you feel like one or…

Dear Twenty-Something, Starr Burroughs

So until you’ve gone through difficult times, until your patience has been stretched to the max, until you’ve been confronted by all the worst sides of yourself, and until you’ve come to the end of yourself, you may not understand what it means to endure. 

Sarah Hahn

When a friend of yours is given an opportunity to speak on the power of our words to a group of students that include your daughter, and it’s just SO GOOD you, (ie me- Charity Rattray) publish her talk and encourage everyone, (ie you reading this) to read it.  Sarah, an illustrator, worship leader, and…