Just climb, Char

No matter where I go, God keep my heart open.  The tide of thankful tears is rising as I think of my good Lord and where we are going.  All it has cost and all it has meant, to say yes.  And still I’d say it.  Yes.

Whichever path you end up on it’s a tough climb.  You may as well chose the one with the views.  The one that winds through the valley.  The one that bears the heat of the day and all the sweat of your body glistens in the effort. You may as well walk into the next climb with God as guide.

In the dark tunnel beneath the mountain with no remaining light you, Lord held me fast.  And on the phone with him in the afternoon I watched my heart lift off the earth or was it heaven’s subtle invasion? Anyway gradually it came as hope pricked the darkness with light.  I can see an end to all this sorrow and a healing for all the hurt.  I can see the beautiful children of God being found.  Home at last! Home at last!

My mountain moving faith abides, as I abide.  Praying for the prodigal to step towards home cause with the Father’s heart I’m running at you.  If you haven’t heard Jonah tell the story of the prodigal it is an incredible description of a good good Father.


See you out there,



  1. Beautifully said. Our walk in the natural is truly all about our spiritual walk. To see Him in every circumstance, in every valley and every mountaintop, that is my heart. He uses it all to changes us, to grow us, to create in us, and to bring revelation to our hearts. Oh, how I love Him!

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