Not Today


The 2nd summer after my 4th baby was born, Jacy Rachel, we almost lost our son Jonah to a life threatening seizure where he was heli-vacted to Harborview Medical Center and then transferred over to Children’s Hospital.  Jonah’s little brother, Obediah, wandered into our room early one August morning.  He announced, as a 3-year-old can, that Jonah was sick.  I walked down the hallway to the boy’s room to find Jonah unresponsive in a full seizure.  Shock, panic, and prayer all set in as we began to assess the situation.  I hate the way images come flooding back into my mind, yet the battlefield we have been on doesn’t have to define us.  Jared and I quickly determined Jonah’s seizure wasn’t going to stop on its own.   With the hospital just a few miles away Jared raced Jonah, still seizing, to the ER.  I reached out for help.   I called my dad to break the news; we have four kids and I needed support until I could be with Jared and Jonah at the ER.  You know how when you have to say out loud something terrible for the first time it shakes you to your core?  My heavy tears and a mother’s fear so strong in me, I broke the news to him, “There is a real chance Jonah may die today.”  And my dad responded instinctively and powerfully, “NOT TODAY, Charity, NOT TODAY.”  We prayed and my faith began to rise.  I changed from those powerful words of faith.  Jonah ultimately would battle and win against this physical threat to his life.   And I thank God Jonah has been seizure free for almost 10 years now.

This July 15th he will turn 16.  I never want to forget the powerful shield of faith my dad offered me in my weakness.  Today what is it that holds you back?  What is it that shakes your confidence in God’s will to help, to heal, to hear?  Hebrews 10:35  “Therefore do not throw away your confidence which has great reward.”







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