lettre f ouverte, an open letter by Elizabeth

To my beloved family, my dearest friends, and to those whom I may only know for a brief season, 

I hope, in all the days I live, and all the days you live, I can love you as Jesus loves me. I hope I serve you well; I hope I die to myself daily and put your needs above my own. I hope I love you counter-culturally, extravagantly, and consistently. I hope I love you with my actions and with my speech, when you’re with me and when we’re apart, when you’re easy to love and when you’re far from it. I hope I love you deeply even when I don’t feel loved in return. I hope I can forgive you when you fail and I hope I am quick to own my faults and failures, as well. I hope I love you with my finances and my time, with my hands and my feet. I hope I am gracious, slow to anger and rich in kindness. I will fail, please forgive me. But I say to you right now, this is how I will strive to love you every day of my life purely because I have been loved by a perfect love that will never fail me. 

Above all, I will love you deeply, for love covers a multitude of sins. 

Yours, with all my love, 


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