24 days of love

In the beginning there was love.  Authoring everything.  Sustaining the world’s formation with substance, with heart, with breath. And love strengthened life.  Why wait till January is over to give in to the truth about love, God, man, woman, and planet earth?  So I won’t.  Each day I’ll Instagram something on love and perhaps after 24 days we will see differently? I wonder how will the world look to us through rose colored glasses?

As Jared and I were walking in Paris, we strolled over the bridge where many lovers had secured locks in pledge, loud declarations of their amore.  However, love is not just found or evident in Paris, but in ordinary places too.  Let’s look for it together and perhaps it will find us –This is love not that we loved God but he loved us.  #24daysoflove

It all begins Saturday.


“If you want to get warm

you must stand

near the fire: if

you want to be

wet you must get

into the water.

If you want joy,

power, peace, eternal

life, you must get

close to, or even into,

the thing that

has them.”

C.S. Lewis

So we know and rely on the love God has for us.
1 John 4:10a, 4:16

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