I am called

God is up to something extraordinary in our community.  
Many college women from CWU freshmen to seniors are awakening to the call on their lives. 
What does it look like when we live out our calling? Can we talk about balance, enjoying life, and fulfilling your call? 
Find out more October 28th, Friday night at our 7pm worship launch! 
You will hear from your event host Charity Rattray and other area leaders including your peers who are currently saying yes to the call while in college.  
We are better together! Come back Saturday at 9:30 for breakfast together, ground breaking understanding on how to live well, live authentic, and thrive as a twenty something in Ellensburg. 
Lunch is included and our hard stop is 3pm. This is an all ministries, all campus, women’s gathering.  We have 80 spots available.  
Because of the generous partnership with local ministries we can offer this event for 15$.  Go ahead and register and payment is at the door.
We will meet on the second level in the Historic Liberty Theatre.  
What if I am beyond college in that “middle earth” not quite married or just married but well yes in between adult(ing) and college? 
Come we want you too! Know your fresh perspective could make all the difference to a sister!
When you register you will get a confirmation email and schedule.  Be bold and invite someone today!  


Register at http://unitedbyloveinternational.org/#/events


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