Charity here, your City Wide Worship Coordinator! I’m looking forward to our community gathering on May 21st at 7pm.  We have the privilege of working with a large variety of churches yet again!  We covet your prayers and thank God for the opportunity to worship alongside one another! Our theme this spring is “Generations” and we have our first all youth City Wide band leading out.  I am especially looking forward to the men’s quartet.  Calvary Baptist has graciously offered us the Historic Liberty Theater for our event which will be a new venue for City Wide Worship. Thanks for your time and support. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

One Saturday, many churches, one gathering in the Spring for the name and glory of our Great God and King!

The goal of these events is to create an environment where true unity can flourish. If anyone believes in this vision and wishes to help drive it forward, the most important work they can do is to reach out to our community and churches, either to invite them to the celebration or to help build stronger relational connections.  Please note this is your invitation, to participate in the gathering of our community around Christ in worship.  For many of you worship is a regular priority and you are actively leading/serving in your churches, well done!  This will be our 10th event and we are so grateful to the many who have helped along the way.  

Be blessed,

Charity Rattray

Here is the Set List:

May 21st

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