From July, 2015


When you love something you want to touch it child with the kitten sun ripe blackberries cloth fabric furniture sheets wild flowers as I walk Yesterday it was a young girl with tears And now it is you laughing here with me

Day trip

 Hey I’m just sharing a taste of my weekend with you.  Northwest is blessed! Love Charity                 

Pivot Leadership: book review 

I met Angela in Chelan, and as I write this blog I am back in Chelan a blessed lakeside town in the Northwest.  We are celebrating my son’s 14th birthday.  And today I am up early reflecting on how thankful of the many small steps in my relationship with a leader of leaders Angela Craig,…

As you go//Acts 13-14 devotional 

This post will be both a teaching and a story and I hope you enjoy.  Draw near, pray with me: Oh God speak use your word in my life to direct and encourage! Last night we had worship at the lake and I was prepared to share some of the thoughts from Acts 13 and…