wild faith (spoken word)

CS. Lewis says

One road leads home and a thousand into the wilderness-

Of all the trails I run

in all the pain to come

a wild faith burns in my lungs

sin you won’t seduce me

my Savior won’t lose me

a wild faith burns in my lungs

worldy ways I can’t pack them

not when I know I’m forgiven

rebellion is bound by the strong man

a wild faith burns in my lungs

storms won’t stop me I’m determined

gales, and fierce waves calm at his word

as if they heard

the Father say ‘listen to him”

and without doubt obey

No propaganda or intimidation

can destroy this

wild faith burns in my lungs

And just so you know

I don’t have faith in my pace

or faith in my faith

My faith has a name

My flame has a source

The same Spirit poured out

on a young shepherd boy

a wild faith burned in his lungs

his lips proclaimed praise, his hands took hold

lion- bear a wild faith

tore them away from their prey

preparing his sword and shield

for a greater battle field

Chaos and uncertainty won’t talk me down

I have a wild faith

and I wonder do you know source?

He is the finisher of all He begins

He is the author of hurricane winds

His voice breaks the cedars and splits

wood into match sticks

to fuel the wild faith in my lungs

You who are blessed, where is your blessing?

As for every other source

they are blind mountaineers

broken men, leading broken lives

wisdom looks down the worn timeline

their compass swerved so far off course

no rescue can find them

But not HIM, His name is faithful and true,

His direction has weathered each storm

His hope, a hope that holds fast

His righteousness like mountains of refuge

for every pilgrim to pass

Dare you climb them?

Dare you adventure beyond?

Dare you go with the force

of His faith untamed, unafraid, unashamed– in your lungs?

Reclaim the wonder, travel light,

reach towards the summit

hold hope like a lantern

the Lord sustains your rights

a wild faith burns in your lungs

He will not forsake you

your steps won’t slip

His aim to equip, establish and exalt the

one true way in the earth-

of us may they say-

a wild faith burned in their lungs

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