Letter to the 21 Coptic Christians.

We read of you, I read of you and am struck by the tragic end you suffered. We pray, I pray for your families, whose grief is unimaginable as your death is watched all over the world.  It reminds us of all the deaths unpublished in similar fate.
I wonder at your faith.
Is it possible to radically love someone whom you can not see? Is it possible for them to love in return so much that they would die for the other? This is the mystery of the gospel, men love not their own lives even unto death- just as Christ.

Christ the Messiah, the teacher, the Son of God, the forgiver of men- would see beyond his generation, love and be brutally killed, spill his blood for your salvation.  He would live his preaching, perfectly love mankind -male, female, slave, free, Egyptian, American, Jew, Arab, and the love he gave will carry on beyond our current generation and our titles, boundaries, wars, and hate.

His death and life have kindled such a great affection that generations of men love him back in the face of hate, in the face of political power, in the face of death. Yours is a radical love, 21 lives cut down, because you are Christ followers. What faith?!  It leaves us restless, and mourning over hate crimes perpetuated in the name of religion.

I would want to understand you more, if ever I met you, who loved and followed Christ this way.   Respectfully, Charity

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