He was a puff of fluff- in the outdoor cafe.    In the center of Paris, a sweet pup was licking my hand loving me from the moment I sat down. Our dogs bring an impact everywhere.  Their joy the rousing playful cheer it’s all out there for everyone to experience.  

When someone arrives you feel their presence in the room right away.  The “happy” bring their fizzle of happiness into the room.  The puppy brings his play into the room. 

The opposite is true as well.

The addict brings their addiction with them.  The gossip brings her tender morsels of information along with her.  The stressed brings their stress with them.  I recently went to a women’s Christmas dessert- and I loved the question Angela Howard posted for all of us, what are you wrapped up in this holiday season? I would add because you’ll bring that with you everywhere you go.

Durning the holiday’s children eagerly await the arrival of grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins…as the “gift-giver” they know brings their gifts with them.   

At Christmas, we celebrate the arrival of the One who brought everything good with him.  

The babe King enters the stable.  In a  manger in all his hope and sweet babe glory the Author of life is lain.  The Creator in infant form brings His peace with him into the room.  He brings promised freedom.  He brings future hope.   A weary world rejoices. He brings heaven’s glory.  He brings threat to the ruler of this fallen place of death and despair.  He brings the Kingdom of heaven, upsetting the powers of the day, upsetting the powers of darkness.  The promise long awaited, the Light of World enters the room.  

He isn’t here to observe mankind.  He is here to live with them.  To show the way.  To give all men life. 

To lead.

To trust.

To call.

To listen.

To weep.

To laugh.

To struggle.

To shepherd.

To help.

To heal.

To teach.

To empower.

To bless.

To defy.

To drive out.

To free.

To gather.

To multiply.

To restore.

To revive.

To overcome.

To save.

To you, he comes.  

As you open your door to so many, I wonder have you opened the door to Christ?  With all the rabble and mess in this life, gather the crowd and let your giddiness rise as HE has gifts to give. His gifts come with him and you might be surprised by him (those who watched him always were) -and you might be surprised as to whom he wants to give HIS gifts too.

Peter was surprised.  You see Peter had Christ’s Spirit resting on and with in him and we see that when Peter came into the room so did Christ.   The rough fisherman spoke of Jesus and it wasn’t just words, dry and empty of any reality.   The arrival of Christ in the form of the Holy Spirit fell upon all.   Cornelius and his gathering of outsiders (that God had the boldness to call clean), received the gift.  If then God gave the same gift to them as he gave to us when we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I that I could stand in God’s way?” (Acts 11:17 ESV)

When heaven comes this Christmas, let’s not stand in the way.  As if we could?

Our Father who art in heaven hollowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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