Concert and a poem.



Concerts. Live.


They sung loud and would fade soft with heart and thought.  Real, honest, and good, so good in fact I started writing which with all good music you know lights the writer in you.

The bands:

Hallstrom Band
penny and sparrow
and Joseph
The Freemont Abbey just a neighborhood north of Seatle where the trio of bands chose to perform sold out.  We wrote our names on the wait list and waited.  Luck was in our favor and we half way through Hallstom were able to get in.  The room was warm even hot with the bodies crowded with the seated/standing leaning in.   The music was good, the guy next to me Joe, said he was at the show in Spokane and drove to catch them again.  Penny and Sparrow were lyrically winsome and talented with truth.   The whole room filled with voices as they sang the lyrics “prone to wander Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love-Here’s my heart Lord take and seal it seal it for thy courts above…” It was fresh air for our lungs in that hot room.
Personally I hadn’t heard of Joseph-  but as they harmonized I took a slow inhale grabbed my phone and wrote the following:
What makes you breathe fast
And looses the blood to boil
And finds your heart like a rabbit’s foot beating
Lucky in love
Lucky isn’t the right word
Cause everything about love
Is far more than luck
She can only say she’s never come close to that kind of love
that kind of luck though we know it’s the wrong word
The only thing she can say is she dipped the bucket deep into Jacobs well and gave him a drink
She gave someone significant a cup of water although she knew nothing of significance herself
He told her things beyond a a human observation ability
He looked right through her
She made words to distract words to fill the awkward breathing spaces
It hits like bricks as he replied
God is looking for more than words
It’s a song a worship in
Spirit and Truth.
All over the earth, neither just on mountain nor in temple but within hearts burning
Spirit and truth
He didn’t find her in the chapel
She’s the woman at the well
The drink she drank was living water
And it became a well within her
The well within the trio was lively honey sweet living water!
Be Blessed Charity Rattray

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