Love in a letter. By Kristen MacDonald

A letter worth sharing. Why, because there are so many other words not worth your life force.  You have only so many days.  They are numbered. Live them in love.
Spend your days focused on the words of life.  Someone said something? Let it go.  God forgives.  The good “words” you know ones of life …when spoken are far better soul food to meditate and rehearse.  Replay healthy “life words” and  chose a better daily life.  Challenge: please communicate a note of love today.
Dearest Charity,
His love is changing everything!
It’s changing everything, oh, oh
It’s bringing in the springtime!
It’s bringing in the sunshine!
This love, it changes everything!
His love, it changes everything!
Love is not just a noun.
It’s not flat, not 2D.
It’s not just a feeling (though it does feel)
It’s an action, it lives and breathes and moves.
God’s love, His love for me is not just an idea or a concept. It’s not just words that say “Oh hey, I love you”
It’s a verb.
It works and moves.
When it enters in, it changes things.
Love changes everything.
It transforms and fills with light, it is life.
It’s chains being loosened and fears being chased out.
Written by
Kristen Michelle MacDonald


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