What gathers us together? Part 1

Love is a gathering. “…he will gather.” Isaiah 40:11  We gather around light, campfires, beauty, excitement, success, something new, celebration, laughter, skill courage, gifts, generosity, mercy, the excitingly different, all draws us together.
What do you gather around?  What stops your world and demands you to go towards the crowd? Local markets, fresh produce, singing in the streets have all stopped me.  An adventure retold can quiet a table full of eager talkers. A crowded skate park full of raw talent stops some.  A field of wildflowers can make a photographer late for dinner.
For Jesus a conversation without agenda at a well mid day stopped his hunger and filled him with satisfaction.
This weekend the attention pull for me was the cloud covering so full they demanded my tongue stop, my eyes fixed, by beauty.

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