Sunday, I’ll tell her


Fast me the moments of fast beating hearts full of spirits and wine so I can recover the truth we’ve buried in youth and warm the cold parts of the night

Open my muddled mind to see You, a love worth something like a life-
Jesus fill these dank lungs with crisp clean air 
so I can breathe I’m not sure I can stomach much more of our want and our greed
In such a condition we give 
no thought if we’ll bleed 
no thought to stop us 
no thought to heed 
Jesus she’s a daughter who is not ready to be a mother Jesus 
will you give me a chance 
on Sunday I’ll tell her 
oh someday I’ll tell her
Someone will tell her 
somehow she’ll hear
Commitment turned to question and courage turned to fear
Boldness is required 
Oh truth-teller
how will they hear 
A love like a life is offered here-


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