Salvador Dali said it best, “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” 

The imperfections of our work can both woo and repel us.  They often woo those who are like us, and our mistakes make for common ground.  Ah yes those mistakes endearing to some can repel us from our own art.  I recently painted a watercolor I’m not sure if I love or hate.

A friend of mine is an art major and has been working with ceramics, clay, pottery and other various mediums.  She and I have had a few conversations on perfection in art, when the other day she sent me this quote:

When we first took an interest in ceramics here on the site we quickly learned that you have to love objects for their imperfections, as it’s what attaches them to their maker.
“Collection of Ceramics by Gwyn Hanssen Pigott by Daniel Benning”

I am thankful today my art, my very self, and it’s imperfections do not repel my Savior.  Jesus holding nothing back is perfect and still is drawn to the art that is me.  Clumsily we acknowledge our need of grace as we parade ourselves in this life. 


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