In the early hours before the sun, laying in my warm bed while winter’s crisp night continues I saw a glorious sunrise.  Brilliant blue, amber, and warm white light streaming full of glory.  The vision so clear I was convinced it was morning.  Opening my sleep-filled eyes it was still dark.  Not even the faintest hint of light shone out my bedroom windows.  Yet, morning would come and be like that rising sun in my dream.  Hope invisible, ever bright and full of goodness burned in my heart.  A new day approaches with steady speed.

Love is the hope that broke the night.

That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset, melting ice, scorching deserts, warming hearts to faith. Psalm 19:6 (MSG)

The word made flesh full of glory, drenched in light breaks through the dark.  

Jesus is like that, he warms the coldest heart, moves the mountain set before you.  His hope shattered the dark of a father’s grief while he traveled here among the shadows of humanity.  He was the life light that broke death’s dark grip on a young girl.  Jesus called death the night by declaring the little girl sleeps.

Then, taking her by the hand, He says to her, “Talitha, koum;” that is to say, “Little girl, I command you to wake!” Mark 5:45

Life calls to you and I!  Live it with hope no matter how dark, for morning light approaches.

Rise early, morning coffee in hand and sing with me… “His Glory Appears” by Hillsong Chapel

Let the Light make us alive again!  
The world is so full of a number of things…I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings! (XXIV Happy Thoughts by Robert Louis Stevenson)

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