Casting Care


like a fisherman baiting a hook

I take the flies, worms, thoughts, and worries

bait them and cast them forward

their weight pulling on my line whirling

towards the sunlit waters

and then I breath, yes and wait

patient calm resting

soaking in the warm golden rays

and fresh water laden air

moisture to my parched lips

and struggle to cast them there

wait I quietly wait

oh the warm promise of His word

a small laugh at the burdens I need not bear

builds to a laugh out loud laugh

like a child laughs full bellied

ahh freedom no more care

then wham bam thank you Lord


oft a struggle to reel

the fullness of this meal in

gut it clean it prepare it eat it

and yes give thanks

I have found Him there

Luke 11:3 HCSB Give us each day our daily bread.


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