Drink Up!

The greatness of knowing God -is just as you are simply drinking in your God- great exploits are beginning to compile upon your future. You were simply praying, pouring out yourself before your Love the Savior of your life.
The more you drink Him in the more exploits surround your life. When opportunity to advance His kingdom comes along, why are we so surprised? To know God is to be strong for the task, for the day, and for the occasion. It does not end with strength just for show, what follows are the exploits- His heartbeat in yours, overcomes. Your love is overcoming by knowing Him, by His blood and your testimony. Your day is bright and full of God’s greatness. And the bonus is that because you know Him, you don’t dare claim the credit for the goodness you find all around. You give the glory all back to His name. You adore Him, all the more. You find such great joy- in the wonderment that just by being with Him- beholding Him you are transformed into that same image. You reflect the light of the world. So as a sermon I heard recently corrected the childhood song “this little light of mine” declared there is nothing little about your light! It’s Jesus, Christ in you, the hope of glory. He hasn’t faded in glory, only increases in beauty and glory- getting ever brighter till the full light of day- when He returns. Darkness shouldn’t be feared, doubts can not hold us back. We are the light. He said it. Know Him and do- occupy this world till He comes and reigns in full righteousness.

“But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits” -Daniel 11:32
Love and strength to you,


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