Love on lock

Psalm 14 says God is present in the company of the righteous… my heart takes great comfort in this truth.  Jesus is my Righteousness.
The challenge I have:
Live today in such a way as to acknowledge God is present. Jesus died to let God live in you and I.  He is with you. Are you making a meal? Are you reading a book to a child? Are you driving somewhere? Are you working out? Are you listening to great music? Are you in conversations abounding? God is present. God is with you. Simply put He is in the room your in. He is the breath of air you’re breathing. Live with the restful calm that God is here. Here now, yes right now. Breathe in deep a long draw of fresh air as you inhale the truth of His close comforting love. The vision I have is similar to the arms of a faithful husband, as he embraces you.
Jesus has made you and I righteous and we have the constant faithful prayers of His devotion. Ever loving you, ever present for your child’s peace, your husband’s good, and overall joy to your days. Don not let the word go on unread. The instructions abandoned and the songs of His praise unsung. No rather let your lungs fill with this air and sing it out, open the word and lock your eyes upon the truths describing Him. (Justus my oldest son has words for when he has a snowboarding grab or spin down: he’ll say “I’ve got the 540 on lock”) Get the word on lock for your life, truth you can defy gravity with. The impossible, is possible with God. Encourage one another to believe God, and trust in His perfect timing. He will perfect that which concerns me. He has me engraved upon His hands. He holds my future. And I only have this breath- this now- this moment with which to thank my Lord- Jesus the Righteous. Oh love Him today. Love Him with all that is within you- dish duty and all… adore Him… lift your head and so will I as we are one- one army in beautiful victorious display upon whom the sun has dared to shine!! You are God’s AMORE!!
Heaps of God’s love to you,

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