United by Love,
As we all prepared for this years new adventures, retreats, some missions, conferences, family gatherings, plans in general… Jared and I were talking last night about the simple truth of just being.

Today I just wanted to encourage you, to just be the one God has saved. Think about your great salvation and then let salvation fully work in your life afresh. Let the love and grace of Jesus rest upon your life.

Sometimes we are becoming so rapidly into the image of Him so much we forget to just be. We need longevity and inspired vision to carry out and fulfill all the Lord has spoken. God rests in His completed victory. Rest in Christ the fullness of grace and truth that has become your life. Christ is your life. Christ is the way the truth the life. As we worship we see the vision of His beauty of His likeness and we are inspired afresh.
Jesus is fully God and worthy of our complete trust. Sing with me “tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him by His word”- Ohhhh Let the word dwell in you richly. Rest under the shadow of God’s wings.
Find in Him help and grace in time of need. Remind yourself of the work Christ already has done, and let that mediation be the springboard for any works you feel called to do.
Christ is the power, Christ is the hope, Christ is the provision. Draw from the virtues that by human ability none can match only Christ. Young men may stumble and fall, but those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. And then pray.  I view prayer like a vast ship of the 1800’s without the wind, only stillness.  Sometimes we must remind ourselves without the Spirit of God we can only rest upon the waters of grace. So lift your prayer sails.  Call all hands on deck so to speak, send out the word calling one another to our knees. Be inspired to take the voyage and trust in His perfect timging. Do you feel that gentle wind of His Presence filling you now? Soon the sailing will begin.
Loving the voyage with you,

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