Some thoughts from this heart of mine:

How do we live in a world so distant from the cry of hunger, of help, of want for love?
Do we stop up our ears, do we shut our eyes to the sight of injustice?
And when we choose sight we get lost in the ocean of tears compassion that cannot fight for every little one motherless tonight. I’m stretched by my inability to fill each mouth, to hear each voice, to take the time to understand another’s plight.
We look with compassion upon the fatherless with our emotions raw. ANSWER His cry, breathing a prayer:
Father make our hands ready, let us step towards the aching heart of God.
Challenging myself to really humbly admit of my need for lessons on how to love, I cry out.

In a Muslim’s home I humbly enjoyed a feast with his family, felt his personal sacrifice, saw the love of a father towards his children, felt the compassion of a stranger, laying down his time, for my personal safety. Tears filled my eyes. His wife, wondered at my smiles and gratitude so openly expressed. We are not that different you and I.  Now I understand why the Father chose to express the language of His love through the gift of His only son. It’s a reality that no matter where you are in the world you can grasp. The love of our Father, to give His only Son. When I on my son’s birthday was so far away from mine, tears again sprang quickly to my eyes, understanding more fully the Father’s sacrifice. A world in need of His love, truth has not changed. His love is perfect.

Oh God move my heart with what moved yours, when you sent Your only Son. Show me the causes that I can commit to, and the time I can sacrifice. Teach me oh God how to love.
Love must be sincere.

When does our pride lay down and bow to the cry for humility? A willing heart to serve and not be seen.
In all Christianity why do we strive to exalt ourselves, exalt our way, explore the regions of doctrine and thought yet we forget to defend the poor, the sick, the hurting. What does love do? What does it look like?
Read again the story of the good Samaritan.

Love showed me to listen, when I wanted to defend. Love showed me compassion as a way of life.
Love took me across the nations and back home again. Love kissed the dirty, prayed for the sick, dear God I pray you healed sweet Juliet, wrestled with
the real struggle with emotions of how to sacrifice. Love had words for the aged man on the plane, and the mother divorced and crying out.
Love. I want the motions of my life to be moved from this source alone. God is love.

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